Must read articles 15/02/18

Each week our team create a selection of articles we have enjoyed, covering all aspects of HR, Talent and the impact of technology on work

Articles of the week

1. Labor 2030: The Collision of Demographics, Automation and Inequality

Demographics, automation and inequality have the potential to dramatically reshape our world in the 2020s and beyond. Their analysis shows that the collision of these forces could trigger economic disruption far greater than we have experienced over the past 60 years

2. You have a culture problem. Here’s how to avoid a diversity disaster

Ellen Pao, former VC and CEO of Reddit explores the upsides and downsides of culture in startups.

3. Your HR team should be leveraging the power of data

Every function, in every business, is on an analytics journey but some have established a clear lead on others. Take marketing, for example. Until relatively recently it was seen as much more of an art than a science. But now, an activity that was based largely on instinct, experience and, frankly, in some cases educated guesswork, is a numbers-driven game.

HR is now setting out on the same journey that marketing has travelled. It’s a massive opportunity. Adopting analytics within HR will open new possibilities for the function to uncover and deliver commercial value. So, what do HR directors need to do to take advantage and move their discipline decisively toward a more data-driven approach? 

4. The No. 1 Employee Benefit That No One’s Talking About

Gallup’s research reveals that about one in 10 people possess high talent to manage.

That 10%, when put in managerial roles, has a strong natural ability to:

  • Put the right people in the right roles
  • Create a culture of clear accountability
  • Engage employees with a compelling vision
  • Motivate every employee individually
  • Coach and develop their people by focusing on their strengths
  • Make decisions based on productivity, not politics
  • Build trust and dialogue with their people about both work and life outside of work


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