Must read articles 24/01/18

Each week our team create a selection of articles we have enjoyed, covering all aspects of HR, Talent and the impact of technology on work

Articles of the week

1. Towards a Reskilling Revolution

With the events in Davos this week, the World Economic Forum and Boston Consulting Group have published a major report on the reskilling needed by people, companies and government. The report provides a valuable new tool that will help individual workers, companies, and governments to prioritise their actions and investments. Using big data analytics of online job postings, the methodology in this report demonstrates the power of a data-driven approach to discover reskilling pathways and job transition opportunities. The methodology can be applied to a variety of taxonomies of job requirements and sources of data.


2. What makes mentoring work

The Venture Capital fund First Round has implemented a mentoring programme since 2016. This article and audio shares their learnings from this, including some great do’s and don’ts.


3.18 Exponential Changes We Can Expect in the Year Ahead

Azeem Azhar, of Exponential View, writes in the MIT Technology Review about his 18 technology trends for the year. These trends will all have an impact on the world of work, and are crucial to understand for the HR function.


4. 5 Trends HR Pros Are Preparing For in 2018

The team at UpWork have interviewed a series of HR professionals across Europe and North America regarding the HR trends they expect to see in 2018. The most common responses are in the article, including flexible working, recognition systems and the increasing use of analytics



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